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I'd do nothing but reading if I could (ok, maybe eat some great food, buy some fancy shoes between two books...oh, and spend some quality time with the gorgeous guy I married while I am on reading-break anyway...)

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The Handmaid's Tale
Margaret Atwood
Trek Science - mit Warpgeschwindigkeit in die Zukunft? (German Edition)
Inga Nielsen, Stefan Thiesen

Good urban fantasy with known weakness in the romance department.

Changeling's Fealty (Changeling Blood Book 1) - Glynn Stewart

I have read the fantasy space adventures written by this author with great enjoyment.


This book was also a very good story with a likable main character.


The strength of it certainly came from the storytelling.The thrown in romance was unnecessary and didn't add at all to the story imho.


The world-building was solid and had some interesting twists - there was a not so unexpected turn hinted at in regards to the "power level" of the main character, so I am sure there is more development to come.


I really liked the Calgary "mundane world" setting, it gave the story atmosphere and depth.

Hm. Pretty much as expected.

The something girl - Jodi Taylor

This was more or less a seemless continuation of The Nothing Girl.


It was a nice read, some really fun banter and great humour, but no original story, just a warm-up of the last drama, the same evil villains, nothing surprising.


So all in all a nice read, but not like the fresh and wonderful read of the first installment.

Typical Crusie

Trust Me on This - Jennifer Crusie

This was a fun ride - the overall (and very much in your face) topic was "risk something".

All four characters who formed the two couples in the book were bumbling along in their lives and with a little shove changed their live to the better.


I immensely enjoyed the humour - a trademark of this author.


I loved the main character though she was not perfect, she was interesting and a lot of fun.


But my favourite was Aunt Victoria. She was just incredibly cool. I am not 100% sure I love the way the love story played out with her - throwing away her career at this point felt truly stupid to my feminist heart - I would have enjoyed reading an ending where the guy gives up his career to support his woman for once, but that was asking too much obviously...


Oath of Vengeance (Vigilante Book 2) - Terry Mixon, Glynn Stewart

I nearly DNFed.


This was incredibly boring. I started to dislike the protag as well.


Again: leave the romance out - that is not helping the story! This is not something those authors do well at all.


Brad Madrid's journey for revenge is losing its appeal. It felt lackluster and boring, I skipped a lot in the end and was glad when it was over.

It becomes more convoluted...

Reconnaissance in Force - Terry Mixon

I am starting to lose track of all the fractions.


And I do not care for the "romance" part - this felt like channel surfing while watching scifi and accidently hitting a soap opera.


I still want some conclusion on this epic space adventure.

The villains are very villainous...

Paying the Price (Book 5 of The Empire of Bones Saga) - Terry Mixon

Until they are just pathetic.


And in one case basically mentally unhinged. I still can't fathom how anyone would support someone who obviously lost touch with reality, but ok.


The family/relationship part was not exactly thrilling unfortunately.

That is not where the author's strength lie.


But enough action and space to make up for it :)

This world-building gets more complex

Ghosts of Empire (Book 4 of The Empire of Bones Saga) - Terry Mixon

And unfortunately a tad confusing - but still very solid, fast-paced space action.


The characters develop at least a little, though still quite stereotypy.


I still can't get my head around the "Princess Kelsey" thing - the name is pure distraction!


Also, I do not appreciate the old "oh, she discovered 21st century earth pop culture, so expect funny references" - nope. Don't go there. Not good.

The trend continues...

Command Decisions: Book 3 of The Empire of Bones Saga (Volume 3) - Terry Mixon

more space battles, more intrigue, more back story about the old Empire.


It gets better and better.


The main characters are still not very interesting. They do not drive the story and I am not really invested in any one of them. 


But I am interested in how this all plays out...

A lot of space action

Veil of Shadows (Book 2 of The Empire of Bones Saga) - Terry Mixon

and adventures and coups and so on.


There is enough happening that the weakness of the characters and their interactions do not disturb the fun of reading it so much.

Started slow, improved after the first half

Empire of Bones (Empire of Bones Saga) (Volume 1) - Terry Mixon

The characters, especially the main characters remained quite pale and unimpressive during the first half of the book. Very wooden and stereotypical.

Especially Princess Kelsey.


Actually characters and also relationships between those remain the weak point of this stories.


The strengths lie in the story lines and the world building.


It kept me reading.


The universe is interesting, though not completely novel; I think that is mostly impossible at this point, but the history and background story for this one are original enough to keep me reading.


After the very slow start it picked up quite a fast pace and improved with action, space battles, intrigues and coups.

Wow. And not in a positive way.

The Remains of the Day - Kazuo Ishiguro

This felt way longer than the page count warrants.


The voice of the first person narrator is dry and fraught with many boring details about being a butler and the job of a butler - I profession I never really felt much interest in...

The picture his narration paints is that of an unintelligent, emotionally stunted, stubborn and overly ambitious person. And the ambition is to be the perfect butler.


The protagonist is one of the most unlikable persons I ever encountered in books.

He is not evil or bad. Just not very smart, not very nice, no higher morals, just his stubborn loyalty towards his lord.


An example: his employer is politically active in the 1930ies in the so-called appeasement politics to an extent where he socializes with British fascists. One consequence is that he orders Stevens (the protag) to fire all Jewish employees in the household. Stevens does it. Without any kind of resistance or even a lot of consideration. 


This was much much worse than Downton Abbey, where the maids and servants at least are portrayed as human beings.


I have no clue how realistic this is, but it was boring and aggravating to read. Not sure if that was the intention of the book.


I can see no reason whatsoever why Miss Kenton would ever be in any way romantically interested in Stevens. Unless it was his "position" in the household. He was cold and insensitive, he ridiculed her and was emotionally unavailable.

Until he suddenly decided to travel to her and expect - what exactly?


This really left me confused - it is supposedly a good book, the author just won the Nobel prize. 


But this was really not a great book. It didn't move me at all.

A wasted life - but not because of being a servant, but a deeply annoying and unlikeable person.

Space adventure

Heart of Vengeance (Vigilante) (Volume 1) - Glynn Stewart, Terry Mixon

Great read - no romance or too much character story, just flat out space battles and intrigues and all that.


It was very enjoyable and I read it nearly in one go.



Very satisfying conclusion of the trilogy

Heaven's Queen - Rachel Bach

I really really enjoyed this.


I loved the very original universe-building, the Alien races, the conflict and also the unravelling of all those hints from the first two books.


I loved the development of the female protag - loved also what happened with Rupert over the cause over the whole three books.


She was strong, but not perfect. And she was aware of herself, of her strengths and her weaknesses. She always did her best - I really liked that.

DNF after 13%

Shadow Worlds: A Space Fantasy Adventure (Shadow Corps Book 2) - Justin Sloan

Way too much teenage stuff.


Very immature magic teenager up to save the universe, has enough time to have a crush on the boy on the resistance force with her, be jealous because he is with some other girl, is totally immersed in how much more attractive the other warrior woman is when she is drawn into a special force unit to save the universe.


So bad.


I read an article in the Guardian about a book Tom Hanks wrote. It was a quite critical article with some reflection on why many male authors, directors, writers, journalists cannot portray women with any depth.

Unfortunately there is some truth in that.

Anyone who is in a dire situation, life and death all around, survival is the goal, and she is only concerned with "does he like me" and "she is way prettier than me"?


I am out of that.

I am a bit bewildered...

Scorched Shadows - Steve McHugh

It seems to be "Disappointed with series I used to love" month.


I waited for this for some time, immediately got it after it was published and started reading. And stopped reading after 10 minutes.


Tried again. Stopped again.


I was bored. As simple as that.


Life is too short for boring books. There are too many great ones out there.

Not too bad, but a bit boring.

Building Forever (The Rebuilding Year Book 3) - Kaje Harper

It felt short and inconsequential.


It was more of the same, no new personal development, just a wedding.


It was an ok read, but not something that engaged me in any way.