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Wickedly Dangerous - Deborah Blake

I thought myself so clever and disciplined - first downloading a sample and dutifully finishing it before buying this one.


Lovely cover, catchy blurb - I soooo wanted it. And I wanted it to be good.


What it was/is: Majorly boring.


I wanted some Kate-Daniels-Magic and got some very contrived and tame story about missing children haphazardly strown into some oh so cleverly constructed "Look what I did with this old Russian myth after I mixed it with faires and Otherworld" world-building.


No romance or hotness. I had such high hopes for the attractive sheriff.


But, alas, it wasn't meant to be as his needing a haircut seemd to be the only thing special about him.


I will read on, skim a lot and forget about it asap.