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DNF at 18% - expect a rant.

Cloak & Silence - Sherrilyn Kenyon

This is. Really. I cannot believe it. I really really liked many of her books. But this.
No. Nope. Not good at all.

Ugly and most hated insta-love makes a swift appearance.

Ture is a girl. Sorry, but he is. He is described as a beautiful and muscular man, but he is a girl. And a needy, clingy one at that, with the accompanying sob story, how he never could trust anyone. In a m/f novel I'd rant and say "what a bad heroine, silly, weak and cliched".
And Maris. He is also beautiful beyond compare (of course without knowing it). And his fighting style and skills defy description (this is actually the expression the author used).
This might be the reason why the author just quit trying with the describing.

It is all tell, no showing. Oh, and obviously the author believes all gay men to be girls at heart. Otherwise I cannot understand the "feminine gestures" and the giggling and all the other silly stuff, that is probably meant to make clear that the hero's a gay guy, and not a macho hetero prince.

One little gem: "Impressed with both their (fighting) skills, Ture frowned at Zarya. "Are you sure Maris is gay?"" - valid question as we all well know, that great macho fighter can't be gay. And all gays are little limp-wristed girly twinks, or what? Cliched and prejudiced much?

This was such a huge disappointment. I loved Acheron, but this was so annoying that I had to DNF, otherwise my little kindle would have been in danger when I turn into the incredible pink Hulk.

To be fair, I haven't read anything else in the series (the league) - maybe Maris is a solid character there and you can overlook stuff like "Maris has always been a sucker for a man in pain" - yeah nothing more sexy than blood and gore and torture - and his strange, silly behaviour.

So, rant over.