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Firelight - Kristen Callihan

What a ride!


This was such a great story, such fascinating and lovable characters. A great plot, flawless execution and a very hot romance.


I was not sure about this historical-fantasy-paranormal mix, but it worked out beautifully.


I downloaded the sample - and oh, boy, that was some hot frisking!


I loved the whole book - the humor, the dialogue, the world-building. The hotness was so good because it had soooo much delicious tension and there were not many graphic sex scenes, but still it was scorching hot.


And above all I loved:

The fact that the heroine is the one who in the end is strong enough to defeat the evil enemy (who was pretty obvious from the beginning, but I will magnanimously forgive that in the face of so much lovable story).


(show spoiler)

I absolutely recommend it to anyone who likes PNR, fantasy, historicals, romance or any of those combined.