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DNF at nearly 60%

Soulless - T. Baggins

I won't rate, because I don't really know how.


It was well written with interesting characters. The world building was done carefully and it had a not so common approach. 

The whole novel had a very old-fashioned feel to it - good for it, because it is a historical PNR m/m book.


Why I stopped reading: I wasn't in the mood. I didn't love the characters enough. I didn't understand the "love story" and wasn't moved by anyting in the book. I didn't like how many people were carelessly killed in the course of the book.  It was too convoluted for me, to complicated and this deducted from my enjoyment.


You could say it was me not the book, so I won't rate for now. 


I might pick it up again someday.