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DNF at 53%.

So Far Gone - Avril Ashton

I was willing to overlook the one-night-stand turned everlasting true love, greater than all others. 


I was willing to suspend disbelief that said one-night-stand would cause someone to still pine after the guy after three years out of his eyes.


But then the older brother who sacrificed a big part of his own life and happiness gets critically injured, is in a coma, might die and his little brother (beneficient of said sacrificies) and his boyfriend (you can guess it: the other guy in the one-night-stand) still exchange hot, meaningful glances in the hospital. 




I find this disgusting. And unbelievable.


And so I'll stop reading. I am not interested to see if the older brother who is in the way will conveniently die so that the two love birds can be together guilt-free or whatever other ending is planned here.