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Yeah, well.

Dead Heat  - Patricia Briggs

This was not exactly great.

But still a good and entertaining read in one of my favourite UF series.


The story/plot picked up with an errant fae doing gruesome stuff and the two Cornicks solving supernatural crimes again. Principally nothing should have gone wrong with this.


I do like Anna and Charles as a couple and as individuals - but I was put off by a few things in this installment.


First of all the constant presence of children in the book. Not enough that Anna was pestering Charles from the beginning about reproducing (she is not even 26, and has a prolonged life-span anyway!) and then picking up the kids-theme for the overall plot (visitng friends in Arizona) and the crime storypart as well.


As I did a re-read of the previous one, I felt that this is more or less common now - as there is nothing worse than violent and/or sexual crimes against children. So an easy choice for authors to make your villains truly evil. Unfortunately it is also a cheap trick and annoying if it happens too often.


Also slightly annoying to me as a NOT-HORSE person - the constant talk about and description of horses. Bored me nearly to tears.


Don't get me wrong, still a good book. Well written, gripping story, engaging characters and so on.


But not as great as I was hoping.