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Good and solid sequel.

The Assassin's Salvation (Mandrake Company) - Ruby Lionsdrake

But I liked it a little less.


Probably because Jamie wasn't my kind of girl. But kudos to the author to try out new types of characters. 

Jamie was shy and introverted - she progressed a bit in the second half, but was still a more subdued heroine.

Also not very mature and not experienced at all. It made for a bit of "awkward".


The hero was nicely done.


Also: Be aware there is attempted rape and some flashbacks to rape in this book.

With Sergej being the victim.

(show spoiler)


Also what irked me a bit: The pacing of the romance felt very much like in the other two books, like a schematic structure to the love story.


But still a very enjoyable read.