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It dragged a little...

Red - Kate SeRine

I didn't really fall in love with Red, or Tess Little.

There was no substantial back-story, and she came across as a wannabe bad-ass Mary Sue. Everybody and his cousin was in love with her, never got over her, still wanted her and so on.


And her main love interest?

Boring. Because To Good To Be True. Until the big revelation at least.



Then there was this awkward "This would be seen as a pathetic and disgusting stalker, but not here, because he's HAAAWWWT!!"-moment. And the very boring conclusion to the very obvious romance part. There was a lot to be desired about their love story - especially I'd really like to know where this entitlement comes from, that people tell all there deepest, darkest, most painful secrets even before the first date. WTF?


The culprit in the mostly ridiculous crime subplot was also quite obvious pretty early on, the hints were all out in the open.


The book had its moments, but unfortunately it dragged on and the story never really developed traction with me.

It's a pity because the world-building did have a lot of potential. Wasted in my opinion.


And on a side note: I  couldn't shake the mental picture of the fairy tale creatures from Shrek in the beginning. Very distracting :)