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Between ok and good.

Thirty-Two and a Half Complications: Rose Gardner Mystery #5 - Denise Grover Swank

I enjoyed most of this novel.


Mason is a bit boring and actually too good to be true. Joe seems to gets worse over time - like his character detoriates. Feels a bit unnatural, and Rose is the center of this strange triangle.


The crime/mystery part was ok, but not really thriling.


The whole "underworld" think was actually rather ridiculous.


And Rose becomes even more Mary Sue-ish. Violet is a stupid cow and I don't understand why everyone wails about how important family is. If someone is mean, manipulative and vindictive and goes behind your back, get rid of them. That's true for family members even more so. If someone sets out to hurt you again and again, you should distance yourself from those people, until they understand the error of their ways and offer a sincere apology followed by grovelling and changing of their ways. Rose is already holier than anyone else, and full of love and has some soul-healing nimbus. 


I didn't like that. I am not the "turning the other cheek" kind of person. I am a big fan of consequences. For actions and words.

Makes life easier. And is in my humble opinion part of being a grown-up.


End of rant.