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I'd do nothing but reading if I could (ok, maybe eat some great food, buy some fancy shoes between two books...oh, and spend some quality time with the gorgeous guy I married while I am on reading-break anyway...)

Fantastic second part with a worthy finale!

Children of Scarabaeus - Sara Creasy

And the very understated romance came to a very satisfying conclusion too...


The female protagonist wants to do EVERYTHING to make sure Finn is safe and he asks her incedulously "you would destroy the whole galaxy for me?" 

(show spoiler)

And, wow, this kind of love story that creeps up on you and is suddently so intense, but then you notice that it has all been there all the time? Simply great.


I enjoyed this very much - it was an interesting continuation of the story.


And a really fantastic story.


I hope the author will write more.