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Hero was TGTBT, heroine meh.

Under Locke - Mariana Zapata

This was disappointing. Dex was the über-beautiful macho guy, who was supposedly an asshole. Mostly he was introverted and grumpy to people.

And the most important thing about him was how incredibly beautiful he was. How hot. How totally physically perfect.


That got old fast.


The heroine had a hard life until that point, like nearly every one in this author's books that I have already read. I like Diana in "Wait for it" so much better, than the abused, bullied, neglected, abandoned or formerly sick (cancer) that populate the rest. It's as if the hot alpha male is supposed to be the reward karma-wise for having had a shitty life.


It didn't really work for me.


This book was mostly boring and I skimmed a lot, especially in the end.