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DNF soon to come...

Truth or Beard - Penny Reid

I was trying to make myself go on reading, but did re-reads of some old favourites instead. Will stop reading this now.


The whole set-up is silly. 


The protag could have been so cool.


She is not.


She is the math nerd who is hot and totally into sex though she doesn't have much experience - huh?

Yeah. You know the problem with those "I want my female heroine to be a virgin but bow to realism and let her have one lame totally un-hot experience"? They make the heroine totally unconvincing. It is a very hard sell, that someone is totally into sex and then never does the deed...like someone who loves chocolate, but says "ah, na, I'd rather have this delicious broccholi instead."


My next problem was this new "nerds are cool" story lines. Where the female protag is instantly cool and likable because she is into nerd stuff.


News flash: That's not how it works.


And in this case another big problem: The protag doesn't seem to understand how irony and social criticism works.

Exhibit A: Her helloween costume.

She decides to go as sexy gandalf, totally in an ironic way, because going half naked and super sexy shows the ironic understanding of how stupid those sexy little helloween costumes for girls are, right?

WRONG. It shows that you sail in the same boat as the sexy nurse, sexy cop or sexy bumblebee.

What would have been ironic? Going as the unsexy cop with a fake beer belly and donut in hand. 


This is very disappointing, as I read some good books by this author. But this is not something I want to continue.