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Good fun and adventure and drama BUT

And the Rest is History - Jodi Taylor

The author pulled the same trick again.


Leon was killed again. I actually had a suspicion from the beginning that it would turn out as a fake again, but thought Naw, she won't do that twice. But yes, she did.

(show spoiler)


Also I really didn't understand the direction the story took with Matthew. This made Max look really really bad. The way she felt, or rather the lack of emotion towards him that she exudes, and also the way she handled it.

I also disliked that Max was told by everyone how she was the heart and soul of everything St. Mary's. That felt a bit like a Mary Sue moment - and no amount of self-deprecation ("look at my fat thighs and how unathletic I am") counters the devotion and admiration that seems to come out of thin air. That's the problem with the first person narrator - there is basically no elegant way to tell how great the person is. It will always sound stupid or narcissistic...


As always there was a lot of banter and also dry humour.


Well, it was a good read, but it could have been better. Maybe it is time to have a different person as the protag?