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The Picture of Dorian Gray (Modern Library Classics)

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde, Jeffrey Eugenides Re-read in May 2013.I don't remember why I liked this so much when I was younger. Maybe it appeals more to teenagers with the emotional turmoil and all this?Now, I was annoyed and a bit bored by the long monologues which transported all the philosophical beliefs and statements. Aestheticism is not my thing. Beauty doesn't equal goodness or value. It is simply appearance. People or things can be either optically pleasing or not. That is it. Not worth discussing or talking about pages after pages. Also the underlying critique or mocking of English society of the 19th century is not so very fascinating for a 21st century reader as it probably was for a contemporary.This is one of the books which have a very interesting plot idea (Dorian Gray and his picture, the violence, the mystic happenings about aging etc.), but the writing is so uber-elegant and over-fraught, that it seems very old-fashioned. Too many bon mots in one rambling to even spot all of them.What I didn't like was also how women, relationships and marriage were portrayed in this book - not very positive. Now it's also possible that all the negative things said and shown are in truth a compliment, because they came from people who are neither good nor moral in this story, but still it leaves a bad taste.