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Just for You

Just For You - Jet Mykles 2,5 stars.This is a little, light-hearted, not very realistic, but slightly funny love story. Unfortunately it also contains insta-love: first crush to "I love you" within a very short period of time, that feels even shorter. For me insta-love doesn't only have a time-factor, it also has a "telling, not showing" part. What I missed here was to learn how they fall in love with each other and why. There is not much visible of the respective personalities and characters, only a cursory description and physical appearances. The very little drama this contained namely Kevin's boss hitting very strongly on his love interest, the beautiful and irresistible Justin doesn't really make a great story. So it is only a little piece about a supposedly straight guy who falls for a persistent gay guy and the quickly wander into the sun set together. What I disliked also and was not necessary for the story: to cement the HEA they decided on the spur of the moment to forego condoms (no discussion, no tests). In some stories, this is a very important step in the relationship as it equals trust. But thrown in like this, it diminishes the impact. The story flow was good and it was mildly entertaining.