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Sinner's Gin

Sinner's Gin - Rhys Ford Hm, I really liked the writing, but there were many inconsistencies in the story.And what I am sick and tired of: Abused and raped heros. There are just too many of them are around with their trauma only existing in those stories to make them a damsel in distress to be rescured by a hero and loved forever and therefore cured miraculously from their trauma - NOT. This is not a good plot device to make the love interest interesting or to give a character depth!At least not in my opinion.And I imagine that people who have been abused in the worst way over years in their childhood, been betrayed by authorities and all around been treated abysmally, those people MIGHT have some trust issues and not fall in bed with the first person to show more than a passing interest...But maybe I am wrong. At least it doesn't make for a realistic or emotionally engaging read. What I liked here on the other hand, that the author permits his rescuing hero some doubts, if he is up to a relationship with someone with this kind of history - that is somehow refreshingly honest for a hero. I liked the writing as I said, therefore 3 stars, will try other books of this author, as I hope that the weaknesses of the plot and development are ones that can be overcome...