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Keeping Sweets

Keeping Sweets - Cate Ashwood This read very much like a bad m/f romance: young virgin meets experienced older man (10 years age difference) and it has love at first sight (the much loathed "insta-love"...). Irrational protection insticts by the man and natural talent for all sexual acts (including deep throating) by the boy give it a lot of WTF-moments.I liked the beginning, but as soon as the "porn-plot" started it went downhill.And what I disliked: the whole "misunderstanding" in the end to create tension before HEA. This "I am not good enough for you" trope is so old and should be retired years ago. It is simply stupid, and doesn't happen in real life imho. Also I felt that the "boy" (bearly eighteen, totally unexperienced and "innocent" so much that he didn't even know if he was into girls or boys) was just too much bambi, and calling him a man several times by the author didn't make this szenario more comfortable. In my experience most 18 year olds are no grown-ups. I said that in another review before, and I can only confirm it here: a vulnerable High-School-graduate who doesn't have friends or family and no normal upbringing, no confidence and no experience with life whatsoever is NOT mature in a way of an adult. If anything a rough childhood and youth will make him more vulnerable. Also I found this whole "I don't want to spoil my virgin love interest with my porn-actor hands" reasoning pretty stupid, especially after de-flowering him for an audience and film crew.