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Sole Support

Sole Support - Kaje Harper A great and very enjoyable read.Two very different men who start something. Kellen and Mike are starting slow with some "we only have fun" together thing that evolves into so much over the months - a relationship development I find much more realistic than the much used insta-love or "engaged at the third date"/"skip the condoms after one week" or "we don't have sex until you say you love me" kind of story.Kellen's part his ailing mother who suffers from dementia and needs to be cared for 24/7, the financial strain this care puts on Kellen and the responsibility - all that touched me very deeply cause of some personal experience - the feelings and experiences Kellen went through rang true for me. How he handled this difficult situation, how he fought the inevitable, was nearly heart-breaking the most touching moment for me was, when he broke down as Mike came to him after their break up. The saddest moment, when he confessed to wishing his mother would die - this being one of the most difficult situations if you have to care for someone who is unappreciative of the care but cannot help herself. I found Mike's courage and strength beneath his shyness and awkwardness in social situations very endearing - I just have a soft spot for the geeky, nerdy, tender-hearted guys. So both main characters worked for me in their own way.What I absolutely loved: How much humor there was between the interesting, but sometimes sad story plot and engaging love story. I loved the whole cast of characters, the dialogues and the general setting. The family and friends around Mike and Kellen made their story true and full.