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Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack, #1)

Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright Very good read - a snarky, sarcastic heroine, who is really funny - most times. Hero was brooding and a bit dark, but being more of a silent giant didn't look so bad on him. And this is a scorching hot book - very much appreciated. Only thing: mostly parts this felt too much like told from his perspective. I would have liked to read more about him and his body :-)It was a great variation from the normal shifter/mate cliche, because H and h fell in love with each other without a compulsion through a mating like in so many other shifter novells. It was very well written and also the secondary characters were an interesting bunch.I am a little unsure about the orgy scene - it was kind of hot, but I didn't feel like it fit with the MC's characters and former behaviour very well.Why only 4 stars:Big minus: the constant bickering between the heroine and the Hero's grandmother. It was annoying, because it stayed more or less the same over the whole book (too much!!!).Minor minus: the missing comma. Missing before and after names in direct speach, after "well" in direct speach and so on. Especially annoying: sometimes the comma are set correctly! I am not a native speaker, so I get very aggravated about stuff like this