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Reaper's Property

Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde I liked and disliked this book at the same time.It was greatly entertaining and a hero aptly named "Horse"...well, it had its moments :-)BUT: I couldn't really get into the whole biker world scenario. I found the heroine, Marie, the stereotype of why I mostly stay away from M/f romance. Petite and curvy, only cheeky when it turned him on, her career ambition a "typical female occupation" (cooking) and the whole dynamic between the MCs not very interesting. Also the relationship developed quite fast and besides physical appearances (again - he is nick-named "Horse"...) there is not much that explains the mutual attraction. Also the whole blackmail (and if we look at it strictly, rape) storyline didn't work for me. How can any sane person still want to have sex with someone who threatens to kill your brother if you don't do it? How is that arousing???What I also found slightly disappointing: One of the most prominent side characters was used as a plot device and then easily discarded (Jeff). He was not consistent and conveniently killed of for the big finale.I also find quite startling, when it is argued that selling weapons to Neo-Nazi-Groups is ok, as long they make a lot of money out of them - WTF? Selling weapons (and let's be realistic, drugs) is never a great occupation for a romance Hero, even if he is a big, bad biker and hung like a horse.I hate that I couldn't just enjoy the well written story, but it was just too much for me to overlook it and go with the flow. Not every hero has to be a doctor who saves children in Africa, but this one here was too much of "I am who I am, cannot change anything, so deal with it". Not a character with potential imho.I will adjust my self-reflection to slightly narrow-minded as I noticed that I do not enjoy books very much where protags are constantly doing or saying stuff that I find unacceptable. It is different, if there is discussion and reflection, and there the issues are dealt with, e.g. [b:Shades of Gray|7016638|Shades of Gray|Brooke McKinley|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1256067881s/7016638.jpg|7262667]