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The Archer

The Archer - Abigail Roux It was definitely a good read. The action/spy storyline though got a bit overloaded over the course of the story. It was too many turns and too many endless discussions with no result, especially in the second part of the book. Too many secret groups and undergroups that you easily lost trail of who belongs to which one and who is good/bad/in between. The end was not really an end as well.Why did I still like it so much? Because it had great MCs and it is no small feat to have 6 of them in one book. And all them got their room in the story. I really liked the writing a lot. There was much humour in it, and some of those early discussions in the book are simply hilarious.This is one of the few books which I would have liked even more if it was a little shorter and the story more streamlined. I got confused after all the discussions and no real action plan. All in all a very entertaining read with some small shortcomings regarding storyline in my opinion.