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Lenny For Your Thoughts

Lenny For Your Thoughts - Anyta Sunday This was a disappointment.I am not sure where the author wanted to go with this. It had some elements of a love story, but was quite convoluted. It had too many characters and childhood-memories which were probably supposed to give the story color and profundity.What didn't work for me at all: the structure. The back and forth in time. It was confusing, tiring and not beneficial to the story flow.I also didn't dig the cousins-theme. They all grew up together, so it felt quite incestuous. And not in a sexy way. Next point: It was not sexy. It was more the angsty kind of romance. Not sexy at all. The heat factor was antarctic. Another thing: The setting in Germany. For me a complete failure. It didn't help the story or the atmosphere to have some German phrases or endearments thrown in. The title doesn't work in German, so it confused me a lot - first I thought it is about Americans living in Germany and speaking English with each other. A few points why (I am German by the way): Carolyn is not a German name - in German it would be Karolin(e). Julien is French - in German it is Julian. Lenny is also a bit strange - not an abbreviation that is very common in Germany. And most important: "A Lenny for your thoughts" doesn't work in German at all. "Penny" in the German currency used to be "Pfennig", after 2001 it became "Cent" (when the Euro was introduced). A similar proverb that I know is "ein Koenigreich fuer deine Gedanken" which means "a kingdom for your thoughts". So, yes, I am fastidious with this - but the reason is simply, that the whole setting doesn't serve any useful purpose in the story imho. There is no reason why this story is set in Germany. And so why do it? And if you do it, why do it sloppy?Maybe it was meant for the non-German reader, but even then, it doesn't give the story atmosphere, it only adds other useless layers to a complicated and not very straight-forwardly told story.As I said, I am disappointed as I liked the author's other books very much. But this was not entertaining, it was tedious and I skimmed a lot, especially in the end.