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The Truth About Riley

The Truth about Riley - Henrietta Clarke This was a rather disappointing read. It started out quite nicely but didn't really make it to a realistic romance. It was part sappy fairy tale and part boring dialogue.I appreciate that the author tried to show and not only tell how the MCs fell in love over their phone conversations. But the dialogues were just not that good. Riley came across as obsessed with his looks - which didn't make him more fascinating, but left me at a loss. Yes, I can imagine that what happened to him and his encountering insensitive people must have been hard. But the fact that he was only concerned about what people might think about his look make him appear incredible shallow. Basically the superficial pretty party boy who lost his only means for confidence: his looks.And for Cameron: I didn't dig the "wouldn't date him if he was over-weight" line - that is utter bullsh*t, if the messagge is supposed to be falling in love with someone based on great conversations. The logic that overweight is worse than a badly scarred face is quite strange and doesn't endear Cameron to me (although he didn't know about the scars at this point).I didn't like that in Cam's point of view Riley would be okay to date, because he was slim enough to wear skinny jeans. Wow. That is so shallow.It made the whole pretense of this novel pointless for me.Don't get me wrong: I am absolutely fine with people who say they have a type and that type can be slim, brunet, tall or curvy - whatever. BUT if the "special" thing about this romance is how two guys fall in love over the phone a little less obsession with looks would have been nice. This way it felt to me like it was only ok for them to fall in love because they were both gorgeous and the only problem really was that Riley was insecure because of his scars (but in reality he was still beautiful because of his incredible bone structure, hot body etc.).