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Power Exchange

Power Exchange - A.J.  Rose It was well written, and the beginning was very promising. The first murder and the whole introduction to the MCs family/private situation as well as the scene (BDSM) is very well done. But this is the only really good part in the book imho. It goes downhill from there very fast. The MC is supposed to be a closeted police detective who loves his job and is afraid to come out. Then one look at the consulting psychologist (male) and he is in lust. Without much struggle he also notices that he is a submissive and wants to be dominated. The crime/murder part which started so great becomes only the background to his BDSM adventure. His wife (who in my opinion has every right to be mad if he changes their life plan without discussing it with her - but since everybody knows that she is a icecold bitch who was never good for him, that is ok from him - and she never fulfilled all his needs - missing some body parts for that - and also not being sensitive enough to feel that he needs to submit and be cared for etc. - of course without him having to say what he wants...) conveniently cheats on him with his homophobic detective partner who gets conveniently transferred to another distinct for this disgression. So with one little act we get rid of the wife and the partner who noticed his lust for the good Doctor. MC is now free to have sex and try out BDSM without cheating. He also gets a new partner - a woman so otherworldly beautiful that in many years she never found even one male person to work with who didn't hit on her and was an all around asshole about it. Very plausible - NOT. What a strange and unconvincing turn - and totally unnecessary for the whole story.But then it gets worse: the crime part. It was so obvious who was the culprit that the detective MC comes across as dumb as a rock. Or worse. But even if he, the psychologist, his partner and the whole department were to stupid to see it (the guy lost his gay son to BDSM breath play - strangulation - and the victims in the murder series were all strangulated and ALL had contact with the guy shortly before the were offed and asked him about more dangerous toys). And then the detective and his lover invite the guy home to discuss a body suit for breath play - even though he is at least a person of interest for the investigation. I mean even if he was only a witness, how on earth would this look at court proceedings??? And then leave their coffee cups alone with the guy - because he surely wouldn't spike their drinks as the murder has done with all the victims, right?Incredibly stupid and so disappointing. Then the worst part: How they get raped and tortured by the culprit and how they deal with it. I skipped a lot of text here to be honest - I immensly disliked it.I didn't mind most of the BDSM stuff, found some of it hot. But this whole body suit, this sensory deprevation I simply didn't like. I couldn't imagine it being good or sexy, but that is just personal taste.All in all not a good read, but I will try another book of the author because of the strong beginning.