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From the Ashes (Fire and Rain)

From the Ashes - Daisy Harris It was nice.And it is one of those of which you can say "nothing wrong with it" - no pet peeves (no insta-love, thank god, no foot fetish or other grossies). BUT not earth-shaking either.It was nice.Two mildly interesting guys - one of them a hunky latino fire fighter (yeah, never heard of hunky fire men before in this genre...) and a pretty twink. With the ensuing closet issues for the fire fighter, the ups and downs of a new relationship and so on.It was nice. But what I missed: somehing unique. something to make this story stand out (except the beautiful cover). And sense of humor. This was nearly 100% humor-free (not really a pet peeve, but no laughs will not win you any prices with me either...).It was a 2,5 stars read.