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Junk - Josephine Myles Review might contain spoilers!I didn't like this as much as I thought.It was very well written, but the topic threw me off. I found the hoarding depressing and the whole client-therapist-relation for the lovers is not something I find charming or romantic. Maybe I am too harsh here, but that's how I feel - which is certainly caused majorly by my own experiences.Jasper's pain and his compulsive behaviour were described very poignantly - it came through very clearly without being pathetic or over-dramatic.Lewis was a charming and interesting character and his family made for the most entertaining part of the book. I wished that the focus was more on the nudist-crazy-family-stuff...I also didn't like the very fast development of the relationship after their "separation" - and the materialistic implication of Lewis's habit to move in with his boyfriends immediately.So I didn't enjoy this book much, but I am sure there are others who love it.