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Celebrity Secret

Celebrity Secret - C.K. Alexander This was a nice little story about an established couple. Tyler, the movie star, still in the closet, and Romano, his assistent and partner who wants them to be out.It was well written, and Tyler and Romano were likable characters - it was well done, given how short this novella was.One thing I didn't like abou the story: Pressure regarding coming out is some trope I don't like very much. I never been in the situation and cannot judge in any way how that must feel. And so I have to go with what feels right to me. And that is, that this is a decision that everyone should be free to make on their own. (I am referring here to the boyfriend, not the tabloids - meaning that I dislike story lines where one partner pressures the other to come out. Especially when job or life situations realistically might change to the worse for it and the partner knew the score from the beginning, like here).