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Saving Sean (Seattle Stories)

Saving Sean - Con Riley It was an overall good read, but I was a bit disappointed. Peter, a secondary character from "After Ben" is a paramedic who trains other staff for crisis situations. He is the poster boy for good guy, and in this book he becomes too good to be true and to be honest a bit boring. As a favor to his former flirt (Theo, MC from "After Ben") he checks on a young men, Sean. And then the title says it all. Peter tries to save Sean, who obviously needs saving. Very much. Sean comes across very immature and too weak, although Peter (first person POV) sees him as a strong person - no idea why is that. I couldn't warm to Sean. I do appreciate it when people care for trees and the environment, but here it was somehow not even touching, just a bit boring, maybe because it came up so often and pointless imho? Also this story was like a classic m/f story, where the heroine needed saving - not my favourite plot. And the long silky, red hair didn't help with that...Also it was a little much to involve nearly the whole crew from "After Ben".What I really liked: How Peter interacted with his Dad, who was the coolest person in this book.I like the writing very much and will hope for the next book by this author.