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His Undoing: A Gay For You Erotic Short Story

His Undoing - Aria Grace It was a nice little story about a young guy coming to terms with his sexuality and falling for his hunky, gay roommate. It was not especially original, but the writing was really good and I liked the first person narrator. What I didn't like was the assault plot twist - this was unnecessary and done sloppily. If the victim is anally raped (and there was even talk about fisting) there is no way he wouldn't feel it in the aftermath and would need to wait for the lab results on a rape kit to know if it happened. Normally you can see this kind of damage at first glance. Also the police told him that they would only do the rape kit, if he decided "to press charges". I am no expert on American criminal law, but this sounds very wrong to me - I'd expect the police to investigate assault that brings the victim in hospital anyway. And if the victim wants a rape kit, that is evidence and not a question of "if you press charges" - but maybe I am wrong and in the USA there is no criminal investigation and prosecution unless the victim presses charges... For me this whole part felt uncomfortable and I wished the author would have either stayed away from it or did it properly. It brought an unnecessary sour tone to the otherwise fluffy story.