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The Telling (The Telling, #1)

The Telling (The Telling, #1) - Eden Winters I read this one for the Bingo challenge.3,5 to 4 stars. Michael, the protagonist, comes back home after 4 yours of military service, suffering from PTSD, after a tragic event. He is a great character, vulnerable without being weak, and his return to a "normal" life is very well told.His love interest in this story is Jay, a student and roomie of Michael's sister. I didn't dig Jay so much, I don't know exactly why, but to me he remained quite shallow, a little too good to be true and not all that interesting.Michael has to cope with his sexual orientation, his coming out and his PTSD on top. What I liked very much: that he sought help, was attending counselling sessions and worked on his issues. Also great: the secondary cast. Michael's family was really cool, his kick-ass sister, his understanding Mom and even his Grandparents were portraied very well without taking up too much space in the story.What I didn't like so much: It was insta-love. In case of Jay even love before first sight: he fell in love with a photo of Michael years before they even met - kind of stalker-ish strange imho, might be romantic to others.But all in all the story was well told and a good read.