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Love, Hypothetically

Love, Hypothetically - Anne Tenino 2,5 stars.I was pretty disappointed because I loved the first installment so much. But Paul, the MC in this one, is basically a not very likable person. And you can justify bitchiness only so far with something that happened at the end of your high school time. Sometimes authors succeed in redeeming an unlikable side character for their own installment. Here it didn't work in my opinion, as the story was too shallow and without any real development to it - it felt very short and both MCs remained pale and I wasn't interested in what happened with them at all.The whole thing was mostly boring - it had this strange kind of ready-made-love (high school sweethearts who meet again after nearly a decade and - surprisingly - never stopped loving each other...) - didn't work for me in the least. In most romance novels the most interesting part for me is the falling in love, followed closely by relationship development. This had neither.