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Chase in Shadow

Chase in Shadow - Amy Lane A really great story. I loved the glimpse into gay porn actors' lives (or how I like to imagine it to be :-)) - it was both funny and hot.But the most part of this book was sad - some parts even devastating. Chase had a really tragic childhood and this haunts him still when he decides to start a career in homosexual adult movies. He is deeply closeted in the beginning, complete with girlfriend and ensuing life-style. Then he meets another "actor", Tommy, and falls in love. And his whole carefully build life , crumbles around him. It hurts a bit to read that, BUT the HEA is waiting around the corner. What I loved about the story: To reach the HEA Chase and Tommy had to wade through a lot of s***. Their happiness doesn't come easy or cheap, they had to work hard for it. The last part has a very realistic and great feel about it. The mental problems Chase has because of his mother's suicide, his own attempt and the consequences felt serious and were not brushed over - this might be a bit surprising for a romance novel, and in my opinion makes this one better than the average.Why not 5 stars? Because of Chase's behaviour: rather attempting suicide in the bathroom he shares with his girlfriend, than breaking up with her. This is really cruel. I wouldn't have been able to forgive him for that. And it wasn't wholly convincing, why he stayed together with Mercy - her being part of the perfect picture, fine, but when he knew he loved Tommy and still couldn't break up with her, that somehow felt wrong. Also the whole "Now that we are together for 3 months, let's raise a baby together" part, I disliked alot. With Chase being still in the beginning of therapy (therapy is no magic trick and takes surprisingly longer than a few weeks or even months to heal a person's soul) and relying on anti-depressants, I didn't think, that this was cute, romantic or a good turn of events. It was not necessary imo and didn't enhance the story.