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The Season

The Season - Sarah MacLean This was so not good.Boring, cliched (violet eyes here, emerald eyes there) and badly researched (e.g.debutantes had to wear white or pastels). The dialogues were wooden and the whole set-up so uninteresting, it was one of the quickest DNF ever for me, I think. And I really don't think that Jane Austen would appreciate all the mediocre to bad writing she unwillingly inspired...The content so far: Thee beautiful girls, who are friends and are so cool that they don't want to marry, but write a novel or be just great and cool when they are grown up. The "reluctant bride" is a much used trope in this genre, but really - do it properly and give the girl at least some kind of brain or sense of humor.This felt even worse, because I did a re-read of some of my favourite Georgette Heyer novels not long ago. Boy, is there a difference.