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Breath on Embers

Breath on Embers - Anne Calhoun Well written, but somehow I didn't really dig the heroine. Or the hero. But Tim was cool :-)It just didn't feel real/right how she was so "numb" on the one hand, so totally into hot sex on the other...a strange combination. I find it kind of hard to picture people who suffer from depression, grief or sadness to be so sex-crazed. Also since the late Jesse stayed out of the story mostly, her sadness didn't really move me like it should have.And the (black-haired, blue-eyed, superhot) hero was the formulaic TGTBT guy - with his own experiences with grief on top - so well-adjusted and put together and knowing. That was just a little too much. If he at least had been an accountant or paralegal or something equally unsexy, but a fireman - that's just one cliche too much.