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Blindside (Blind Faith, #3)

Blindside - N.R. Walker I liked it ok, but not as much as the first two in the series.Will and Mark were not as interesting as Isaac and Carter. It was a "friends-to-lovers" story, but what I missed was what made Will so special that Mark falls for him and vice versa. When the story starts, they are already very close, so the most interesting part is missing.Their dynamic and relationship development was ok, the banter was funny, but it also got a litte annoying, when Mark wouldn't get it for ever that he was in love with Will. For me it felt too drawn out. And given that they already were best friends at the beginning it was only about Mark realising his romantic feelings - not the most fascinating onset imaginable. I guess technically it was a slow burn, although it felt as if there wasn't anything happening (and especially not burning) between Mark and Will for a big part of the story. And with nothing I mean nothing - I didn't detect any sexual tension for I think the first half of the book.I loved Mark's Mom, she was funny and cool. Will was a little mousy, so the love story was not as interesting as between Isaac and Carter. Also the story had a little too many convenient turns: the guy Will starts a relationship with is an abuser, so Mark has to "rescue" him; the coffee shop they conveniently buy... In the end it got pretty sappy - so all in all it was an ok read, but not as great as others by this author.