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I'll Be Your Drill, Soldier

I'll Be Your Drill, Soldier - Crystal Rose This was so good. And immensly entertaining and engaging and all around great.The main characters were likable, had some depth and were funny/sarcastic. The development of their love story was slow, and had a realistic feel. And the slow burn was HOT.The side characters were what made this so special: they gave the story color and added humor. There was a second, less visible love story in the group of soldiers, which was really good and very romantic.My personal favourite was the e-mail exchanges: they had a broad range from moving to hilarious to hot to heart-breaking. What irked me a bit in the beginning: This is not entirely realistic as it pretends that the armed forces don't discrmitinate against gays. There was a wide acceptance in the group regarding the homosexuality and this felt a bit off in the beginning (the author explains in a foreword, that this is deliberate). But I got over it quite quick, as this story was fantastic and very well written, with vivid and interesting characters.Absolutely great read!