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Acquainted with the Night (Siren Publishing Menage Amour Manlove)

Acquainted with the Night - Tymber Dalton Contains spoilers!This was the strangest mix: a M/M/M/M/Alien/Alien(father and son Alien!)-Kinkfest with literary aspirations and so much crying and sobbing and screaming and declarations of never ending love and drama/angst, that it count as one of the sappiest books I read in a long time. A real strange mix. Add to that that the humans were hold as sex pets and breeders (m-preg).For me it didn't work. I liked the 1st person narrators voice in the beginning, but the story didn't go anywhere, where I could follow. Also I didn't buy the Robert Frost poems in this context, I mean lying around being "milked" by a machine and carrying an Alien-egg that puts pressure on the prostate, resulting in constant orgiastic bliss, and then reciting Robert Frost poetry to each other all the time? Really? To what purposes? This was one of the books which gave me the impression that the author put stuff in there that she wanted to have in the book, no matter how it fit - to me it felt strange and didn't make sense to bring such poetry in a such a book between all the orgasms. If the guys were so intellectual it might have been a good idea to learn the language of their masters in the 40plus years they spent on their planet...My main problem with this books was, that it was not really sexy. The constant sexual bliss came across as artificial and functional rather than passionate or hot. It was more a "he lay there and the machine drew another orgasm out of him" kind of scenario. And that is not sexy to me.The other big problem: the guys felt like chicks with dicks to me - see above, all the weepy, clingy, whiny stuff. (And now I start worrying about the image I have of women...)Anyways, this was not as much fun as I hoped.