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Who We Are

Who We Are - T.J. Klune It was well written, had the same characters as the first part and some really funny stuff.Unfortunately I had a lot of deja vue - it felt a bit repetitive, Ty as the vegetarian eco-terrorist, Bear, Otter, Creed, Anna and everybody else firmly casted in the same role as in the first part. It didn't feel like much actually happened in this book. So the BIG DRAMA in the end felt somehow off - like an afterthought (Oh, we need some/any action/plot/storyline here - add some life-threatening accident...).Anyway, it was a nice read, but it had some points that I didn't dig so much (like the constant "He is mine" - about Ty, about Otter, from Otter about Bear and so on. A lot of possessiveness going on - caveman style). And the little piece about history repeating itself in the epilogue? Kind of strange.All in all an entertaining read, although I skimmed a bit in the end.