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Over the top...

Racing for the Sun - Amy Lane

Huh. This was dramatic and angsty.


A little too much for my taste - too much tragedy in the past, too much damaged hero in the present.


I didn't warm to Sonny. I felt the connection between him and Ace as unhealthy - and based on insta-love (at first sight, Sonny licking his full lip and saying "I'd do anything..." and Ace was sold) as well.


It also felt as if the story didn't have a direction. It was a little about their deployment, the war, violence and being a victim there, the former abuse, then their complicated relationship which had a lot of dependency going on - not a favourite of mine.


The story had some gripping parts, I give you that.


But it was not really a comfortable read for me.


And since I am now able to post pictures, this is me while reading that: