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Nice, but not great...

Love Lessons - Heidi Cullinan

This story was well written, had likable main characters and a good solid plot. It had a nice slow burn and some relationship development that rang true for me.


I felt for Walter and his difficult family situation - this felt very realistic and a bit depressing. Kelly was a bit too good to be true for me - the text book good boy, but I guess this was intentional.


I found the relationship between Walter and his professor a bit strange. Although the whole hang-up about the university and the tenure/position of the professor.


And sorry to sound snobby or something, but this was quite strange for me: for a philosophy course, the main characters don't read the actual books they are discussing, but watch the movies. Really? Like this will enable you to discuss the underlying philosophy of the author? Not afraid to just catch the director's or screenwriter's view? Sounds like a version of just reading the cliff notes instead of thinking for yourself, but maybe I am just old-fashioned.

Not sure if this really is the way students "study" for curses in America or if this was just made up for this individual situation.


So all in all it was a nice and entertaining read - I was drawn into the story and wanted to know what happened with the main characters. I found the first half a bit more interesting, it got a bit lackluster in the second half for me. Also I found the protags to be quite young - Kelly is just 18, Walter 22. It felt like a teenage love and I have to say I prefer a bit more mature characters.


So it will not become one of my favourites, but it made for some good reading.