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Wow - this was GOOD

The Magpie Lord - K.J. Charles

I loved this book.


It had everything I need from a fantastic read:

The two main characters were brilliant. I especially loved Lucian Vaudrey, the elegant and sarcastic aristocrat without pompousness and class conceit. He was just soooo good - witty and brave and human and just so rich a character.


And Stephan Day, the magic practioner, who looks humble and simple only at first glance, but is such an interesting character.


The side characters were also solid - interesting and supported the story.


The world building was done mostly with showing, not telling - much appreciated - and it also supported the plot and made for a gripping read.


And last, but not least: the plot. It was brilliantly thought out, had a great flow and those "aha-moments" - it was creepy and engaging and fascinating and the big finale really was something.


So all around only great things to say about this book.


Can't wait for the next installment!