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Hm - not really...

The Gentleman and the Rogue - Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon

This was a bit of a disappointment. It felt very similar to "The gentelman's keeper", but without the charme, humor and the great main characters. So what was left, was fairly decent writing.


It would have been a better read, if the authors didn't decide to go for the big drama in the last third - it was totally superfluous and didn't support the romance plot for one bit. Also it was stupid, illogical and simply the epitome of WTF:

The whole "we have to rescue this girl" plot device was pointless. There was no personal relationship with this girl, and it made no sense at all to go on a merry chase to rescue her. And then the evil master mind surgeon who did the awfull, terrible experiments and was the text book mad man. This whole section felt like a total different book - it had basically nothing to do with the main characters and gave a strange vibe of adopting for gay men to make the family complete. I didn't like it at all.

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So, here we are. The good stuff about the book is how positive Jem was. I liked that. I like optimistic people. Small qualification: his "funny" stories were not so very funny. But otherwise he was a character that I liked to read about. Not great, but likable and somewhat entertaining.