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Hah, bad "Cut & Run" look-a-like...

Catch a Ghost  - S.E. Jakes

I had great expectations with this one - mostly a bad start anyways...



So I started this, hoping for two delicious alpha guys, dangerous, hot and yummy all over.

And some sarcastic banter. And a good back-ground crime-story.


What I got was

a strange romance between two very "damaged" heros, who have "premonitions" - some supernatural element, that was really not well done. Add in some really ridiculous scenes (the piercings, the temper tantrum at the airport because of them - sorry, how unprofessional is that! - , the bad islamic terrorist evil enemy - all-knowing and obviously quite stupid still. Just a thought: terrorist war lords that spend all their money and man power in stupid mind games with one very unimportant soldier? Really? Nothing better to do? The rescue at the last second, and so on and so forth...)

(show spoiler)


There was this overwhelming feel of "wanna be" about this book. Wanna be tough heros, wanna be funny banter, wanna be well constructed story. And it never made it to fascinating characters who have chemistry and tension or a believable or at least enjoyable plot. I never was really interested in the two guys or their story (or anybody elses...), and I will definitely stay away from the next installment.


I guess, this will have been my last try with this author - it's just not my cup of tea.