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Confusing, misleading and somewhat engaging.

Schlachthof 5 oder Der Kinderkreuzzug - Kurt Wagenseil, Kurt Vonnegut

This book had a lot of humor, quaint and strange passages, where you are not really sure what you are reading.


It all starts with the author talking about how we wants to write a book about the bombing of Dresden. He talks about it alot. His voice is ironic, his language elegant and the story seems to enfold many different layers.


It has a sad story about mental illness, a really shitty life, refuge in science fiction, even some sexual fantasies.


And I was waiting for most of the book for the bombing. And then there are only some very short scenes taken out of the memory of the protagonist, who is no hero, but made fun of by everyone, even the author.


So I see glimpses of this book about the bombing of Dresden that the author wanted to write, but to me it seems, that the painful memory was to big. So it is not the center of the story, it always stays on the periphery, while influencing the acting characters in the book. 


It is a good book, no question, but the emotional impact that I expected to experience from a book about the war, written by someone who has been there, has been mostly lacking for me. 

It falls a little short if I compare it with "All quiet on the Western front"