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We both love architecture - we should marry!

Elements of Retrofit - N.R. Walker

This was not badly written. And it had some good tension. 


But it had a very large age gap - comes with the territory if you hook up with a college friend of your son - and it had some cheesy bla bla about architecture. And sorry, but if you work in one of the greatest and most prestigious firms in NEW YORK  CITY (!), it sounds quite condescending to find that only you and the sexy intern really have passion for building great houses - like all the other 50 architects are only doing a job there, while real passion is rare...sure. That's why the firm is one of the best. They employ bored drones.


Ok. That was basically it.


It was an ok read. I am pretty sure that I will not pick up the next installment (if there is one), because I am not really interested to learn anything more about the two main characters, and I am just not so passionate about architecture...