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Insta-love and a bad crime plot...and "Throby" makes an appearance...

Burden - Annmarie McKenna

This was not a very good read for me.


I loathe insta-love. It just doesn't make for good stories in 9 out of 10 stories. There are very few authors who can pull it off, and write an interesting, gripping story.

There was lusting after each other at first glance, and also much disliked the c*cks did a lot of throbbing. 


The "crime" plot (I should put the word "plot" in quotation marks too...) was unnecessary and sloppily done.


I didn't get this whole "damaged warrior" theme.

Brennan, former cop, has lost his memory and a lot of his capabilities in a car accident with brain injury. So for him going into the same coffeeshop and buy a cup of coffee is a huge step. So he is basically impaired.

Keegan, the cop and muscle man, meets, falls for and pursues Brennan right away. He physically advances on Brennan after their first meeting (meet "Throby"...).

I find that very disquieting. If you meet someone with such prominent mental problems, your first action should not be trying to hook up with that person. Maybe get to know that person first, just to see how far they can make decisions for themselves for example? And determine if this will be harmful to their development maybe.

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So I disliked it very much, how this was supposed to be the "love" story.