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Status update @ 53%: Not liking it much so far

Taking Chances - John  Goode

A big disappointment for me, as I liked the author's other books about the boys from Foster High School very much.


And this might be the crux: His young adult main characters were good. His more mature characters are still immature boys. 


I don't find it engaging too read about two men around thirty years old, who never managed even one half-way successful or happy relationship. Who are described as incredibly picky. 


Both MCs are attractive jocks with emotional issues. And that's it. The drama around Foster and all that might make for a tragic and engaging story about homophobia and bullying, but given that I don't care one bit for both of them, it cannot salvage that book for me.


I don't like how loneliness is used as the main problem of both MCs.

Seems to me also that both MCs don't act, they passively wait for life to make great things happening for them. This is immature and simply stupid. 


It also has insta-love of mythical proportions, purely based on physical appearance.

And some - again very immature -

reasoning by Matt, that since he broke the "gay code" and offered to move to be close to Tyler too early in the relationship, he will break it off, before Tyler can do that. Because that's what adults do. They say something stupid, and rather break off with someone they are in love with instead of clearing it up in one conversation or risk being embarrassed.


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Seriously, adult people who'd rather break up a relationship than be embarrassed by already having deeper feelings than the other party, deserve to be lonely.  


If this keeps up, it's heading to DNF...