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[Lancelot and the Wolf [ LANCELOT AND THE WOLF BY Luddington, Sarah ( Author ) Jun-29-2011[ LANCELOT AND THE WOLF [ LANCELOT AND THE WOLF BY LUDDINGTON, SARAH ( AUTHOR ) JUN-29-2011 ] By Luddington, Sarah ( Author )Jun-29-2011 Paperback - Sarah Luddington


      35.0% This has girly bits - not that I mind so much, was just a bit surprised...Probably my mistake, I thought this was m/m. Until now it is strictly m/f.
*scratches head* 
And some editing would have been good - kind of kills the medieval mood when the characters say stuff like "That woman did a real number on you" or "Okay" and so on. You get the picture - it doesn't really fit with the hauberk and doublet..."

Really, this could use some editing:
"Any idea who has been poisining you?" (...) "No, but I have a few ideas." - huh?

But we finally have some action between Arthur and Lancelot. 
What I don't like about that: First Lancelot always loved Guinevere, then he loves Elaine from the bottom of his heart. And now we are told, that he only ever loved Arthur. Indecisive much?

      64.0% Golems? Really? I mean, golems. Come on.
      73.0% Now I am really pissed. Lancelot should bloody make up his mind. This whole teasing and then "we can't" is f*cking annoying. And just for info: gay sex doesn't make you a bad leader.
      83.0% Not making it better with this bad copy from Indiana Jones and the last crusade...
      87.0% Oh, cool, now we have a psycho fey queen, because the burning zombie-golems were not enough. 
Besides all this: Even in fantasy novels it would be nice to have a logical story line. Then I can even forgive burning zombie-golems. Almost.
      90.0% This bad taste torture party is one thing in particular: Boring.
      94.0% "This isn't going to be the athletic ballet I'd like."
Really? Really??