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A very disappointing PWP...even the tentacles couldn't save it...

Nighttime Wishes  - M.A. Church

So. Normally this would have been exactly my cup of tea.

Tentacles and all.


But this had:

1. Insta-Love 

2. Forced Mating

3. Threatening of rape and abduction in the context of "mating"

4. Creepy Alien starting to watch his "mate" at age 6

5. The "mate" being treated as a possession (also marked as such)

6. The whole creepy possessive behaviour being ok in the context of "looooove" (e.g. that the Alien hacked into his facebook account: "I would have given you the password, if you'd asked")


And so on and so forth.


So I disliked it. A lot.


But the worst thing: it wasn't sexy. Not one bit.

The Alien had tentacles. But no penis. And scales. And it was brown-orange.